How To Clean Soccer Shin Guards

Learning how to clean soccer shin guards regularly will assist in keeping them in top condition and extend their useful life. Regular cleaning of soccer shin guards will also help extinguish odors and reduce the chance of fungal or mold growth. For cleaning all shin guards, follow these simple steps.

  1. Ensure the soccer shin guards are dry (do not clean shin guards immediately after a game or practice), plug the kitchen sink drain and place the dry shin guards in the sink. Then place something heavy on the shin guards to keep them from floating (recommend saucepan).
  2. Sprinkle a combination of mild detergent and baking soda in the saucepan, (this is the best and cheapest combination to clean shin guards). Slowly turn on the tap and fill the saucepan first with hot water. Allow the hot water to over flow the saucepan and run until the shin guards are submerged ensuring the majority of the detergent and baking soda has flowed out of the saucepan.
  3. Allow the soccer shin guards to soak for approximately fifteen minutes. This will give the water some time to cool and the baking soda to work it’s magic.
  4. Remove the saucepan, pouring the rest of the water into the sink. The shin guards should float to the top. Remove them from the sink, rinse and set the shin guards aside.
  5. Once dry, it is a good practice to spray them with a disinfectant to kill any chance of mold or fungal build-up, which will ruin the soccer shin guards.

This method is much easier then tossing the shin guards in a washing machine and will eliminate any chance of scratches or damage during the spin cycle. With this method, on how to clean soccer shin guards will have the shin guards looking sparkling with little to no lingering odor.


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