How To Clean Spa Filters

Need to know how to clean spa filters? Keeping spa filters clean is both sanitary and the best practice for your spa. Clogged filters can lead to damage that is far more costly than the time and money for supplies to properly clean a spa filter. Learning how to clean a spa filter will help to keep your spa clean and odor-free. The method of cleaning a spa filter is quite easy and takes very little energy to perform.

To clean a spa filter, you will need:

  • A screwdriver or pliers
  • Filter cleaning solution
  • A bucket
  • A towel
  • A garden hose
  1. Empty the spa. Remove the filter using the directions from the manufacturer. If you do not have these instructions, you may find them online or, in the worst case, you may have to contact the manufacturer and have them emailed to you.
  2. Once removed, place the filter on your lawn or sidewalk. Use the garden hose, on direct spray and at a forty-five degree angle, to spray the spa filter. Work all the way around the filter, turning it by hand to ensure you have removed all the visible debris and dirt.
  3. In a bucket, mix water and filter cleaning solution per the instructions for the product. Carefully lower the spa filter into the bucket. Remove from direct sunlight and let soak for at least one hour.
  4. After an hour, remove the spa filter from the bucket and set it back down on the lawn or sidewalk. With the garden hose, rinse off the filter in the same manner as before.
  5. Set the spa filter aside. Do not let it dry in the sun or outdoors. Place in a work shed or garage overnight to allow the spa filter to fully dry. Replace the filter per teh manufacturer's instructions.
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