How To Clean Surf Traction Pads

Learning how to clean surf traction pads is a required maintenance activity for any surfer at any level. A clean surf traction pad is a great piece of gear to have. Keeping the traction pad clean and read for the beach is an important step in ripping some waves. Many don’t feel the need to clean surfing gear. Nothing could be further from face. Surfing gear, including traction pads require cleaning and proper care. Surf traction pads are key components to the serious surfer’s ensemble. Caring for and cleaning the traction board is will worth the few minutes it will take to accomplish the cleaning.

What you will need for this cleaning:

  • Surf traction pad
  • Hose
  • Room to wash
  1. After a great day ripping some waves, your traction board is ready for a cleaning. Grab a garden hose and a flat surface, sidewalk, lawn or driveway. Place the traction pad down.
  2. Turn the garden hose on the traction board. You can use a lawn sprayer or your finger to provide some pressure to the spray. Run the water directly over the traction pad.
  3. Pay close attention to any grooves and crevasses on the traction board. Once you have fully cleaned one side turn the traction pad over and clean the other side. Allow the surf traction pad to dry as you would normally dry it.


  • Try and clean the traction board off after each use. The sand and surf can be very hard on such material as that of a traction pad.
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