How To Clean Thick Green Mold Out Of A Pool

If you own a swimming pool in your back yard then you will want to know how to clean thick green mold out of a pool to keep the water safe for swimming. The green mold that grows in swimming pools is the result of an algae bloom and presents numerous health hazards to swimmers; this includes allergic reactions, the heightened risk of bacterial infections, and the increased chance that someone will slip and fall. While prevention is the preferred method of handling this problem, it is also possible to remove thick green mold from your pool within just one or two days.

You'll need the following equipment in order to clean thick green mold from your swimming pool:

  • Goggles

  • Chemical-resistant gloves

  • Steel-bristle brush

  • Disposable respirator

  • Algicide and chlorine pool shock solution

  • Pool skimmer


  1. Put on your safety gear. While you are cleaning the thick green mold from your swimming pool, be sure to wear your goggles, chemical gloves and respirator. This will protect your skin, eyes and lungs from potentially hazardous chemical fumes.

  2. Shock your pool. Apply one pound of chlorine-based shock solution for every 10,000 gallons of pool water, preferably starting at the deep end of the pool. Spread it out with your pool skimmer to ensure it achieves the maximum effect. You want a chlorine level of 10 parts per million for ideal results, or 25 parts per million if the water is really murky. This will kill most of the green mold in your pool.

  3. Use algicide. Start the pool filter and run it overnight. To clean away the last of the green mold out of a pool, apply algicide to the pool to kill any remaining algae, and then scrub the sides and tiles with a steel-bristle brush.


  • Do not allow people into the pool while you are cleaning. The chemicals are as dangerous as the green mold.



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