How To Clean Timberland Boots

While Timberland boots can get pretty dirty from everyday wear, knowing how to clean Timberland boots properly can help you keep them looking like new. How to clean Timberland boots depends on the material that the shoes are constructed from and the methods for cleaning differ for leather and suede. Read through the steps below to learn how to clean and keep your favorite Timberlands looking like new.

  1. Brush off excess dirt. Before cleaning your Timberland boots, be sure to brush off any loose dirt or grime. This can be done with a clean cloth or a brush. Timberland makes and sells both rubber sole brushes and suede brushes.
  2. Remove the laces. You'll need to take the shoelaces out before cleaning your boots. These can be washed separately by hand.
  3. Clean the soles. To clean the soles of Timberland boots, you can a bit of dish soap and a toothbrush. Gently scrub the soles with the soap suds to remove any build-up of dirt in the sole's grooves.
  4. Use Boot Sauce Cream on leather Timberland boots. Timberland actually makes their own line of boot-cleaning products. For leather boots, use the "Boot Sauce" cream in the color that matches your shoes.  The tube of cream has a built-in sponge applicator that can be buffed right into the boots.
  5. Use a suede cleaner on suede Timberland boots. Timberland sells a product called Renewbuck suede cleaner. The foaming cleaner can be used to clean suede Timberland boots after the surface dirt has been removed. Other brands of suede cleaner can be safely used on Timberlands as long as you follow the instructions.
  6. Allow the Timberlands to dry. Never put your boots in a dryer as they will shrink and the fabric will become destroyed. The best way to dry Timberland boots after washing is to allow them to sit outside on a nice day.


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