How To Clean Titanium Camping Cookware

Titanium cookware has several advantages for use during camping but, it is important to know how to clean titanium camping cooking to prevent damaging the metal. Cookware made from titanium is made from the strongest metal and it is lightweight with a natural non-stick surface. Cooking in titanium is quicker than using traditional metals or Teflon coated cookware, making it necessary to closely watch the cooking, to prevent burning. The titanium does not require the use of harsh cleaners or stiff brushes.

To clean your titanium camping cookware you will need:

  • A basin or plastic tub for washing pots
  • Hot water
  • Small amount of dish washing detergent
  • Sponge or soft brush
  • Towel for drying
  • Small amount of cooking oil
  • Soft cloth
  1. Put hot water and small amount of dish washing detergent in the basin.
  2. Remove any food from the cookware.
  3. Place the cookware in the basin and using the sponge wash the cookware to remove any food, grease or debris. The cookware is non-stick so there will be no need to scrub harshly.
  4. If there is food that will not come off with the sponge, let the cookware soak in water for a few minutes before washing with sponge.
  5. Use a clean dry towel to dry the cookware after washing.
  6. Store the cookware in a dry area with the lid placed upside down on the bottom of the pot.
  7. To save time and have a seasoned pot ready for the next use, wipe the inside of the pot with a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of cooking oil.


The titanium will show slight wear over time which is natural, but never leave food in the cookware overnight as it will increase the staining of the titanium.

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