How To Clean The Trackball On A Blackberry Pearl

Do you know how to clean the trackball on a Blackberry Pearl? You can simply send it back to the manufacturer to fix or clean the trackball for you, but that will be lazy on your part. Why pay for an expense when you can do it yourself. To clean the trackball on a Blackberry Pearl, follow these simple steps and you won't damage your phone.  

The items you well need to clean the trackball:

  • Flat head screwdriver
  • Cotton swab
  • Can of air
  • Tissue or towel
  1. Turn off the Blackberry Pearl before you begin. There is a silver ring that protects the trackball from moving. Use a flat head screwdriver and pry it open by wedging it between the creases. Work your way around to loosen the silver ring, being careful to not damage or scratch the Blackberry Pearl. The silver ring will snap off.  
  2. Before you take out the trackball, use the can of air to blow away any debris from inside your Blackberry Pearl. Flip the Blackberry over so that the trackball can fall into your hands. If it doesn't come out, slightly hit the back of it until the trackball falls down. If the trackball is stuck, you may need to pry it free with the flat head screwdriver. 
  3. Remember how it was placed. There are to clips on each sides of the trackball that are parallel from each other. When you finish cleaning the trackball you have to place it properly so that it functions. 
  4. Once the trackball has been removed take the can of air and clean the inside of where the trackball once was. Place the trackball into a cup full of rubbing alcohol for an hour. This will thoroughly clean any residue that is unseen. 
  5. Once an hour has passed, place the track ball on a towel or tissue and use a cotton swab to clean excess amount of alcohol. Leave the trackball on the tissue or towel until it completely dries off. 
  6. Place the cleaned trackball into the Blackberry Pearl. Once properly in place, replace the silver ring to lock the trackball into place. You are now done. Turn on your Blackberry Pearl and use the trackball. 



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