How To Clean The Vagina

You might not think it’s necessary for you to know how to clean the vagina. But this can be a fun activity for you and your partner to do together, and it can get you both very aroused. If you and your partner enjoy taking showers together, lend her a hand with cleaning her vagina. You might end up having a more erotic shower than you expected.

To complete this task, you will need:

  • Fragrance-free soap
  • Hot water
  1. Be gentle. The female genitals are a sensitive area in general. As you wash the vagina, use slow, soft movements. This will help protect the genitals from harm and can arouse your partner at the same time.
  2. Make it hot. Use hot, steamy water when washing the vagina. Ideally, you and your partner should be in the shower together when washing the vagina. The hot water will help clean it more thoroughly and help your partner relax, increasing the likelihood of  arousal.
  3. Use soap on the outside only. Wash the outside of the vagina with an all natural, fragrance-free soap. You should not put soap into the vaginal canal. Rub the soap lightly on your fingers and then gently slide them over your partner’s genital area, including her outer lips, inner lips and the outside of the vaginal canal. When you get up to the clitoris, rub it softly in light, circular motions. This will clean it and arouse your partner at the same time. It might also be fun to watch your partner clean the outside of her vagina and stimulate her clitoris, or you can do it together.
  4. Carefully insert your fingers. Rinse the soap from your fingers and insert them into the vaginal canal. Move them around gently and penetrate slowly for a few seconds. The hot water should be plenty to wash the inside of the vagina. Soap can actually harm the delicate balance and tissue inside the vagina. Before you do this, make sure your fingers and fingernails are clean to avoid causing an infection.
  5. Rinse thoroughly. Once you’re finished cleaning, rinse all the soap from the outside of the vagina before getting out of the shower. Leftover soap can cause an infection.

If you cleaned the vagina the right way, your partner should now be aroused, and you can either pleasure her or pleasure each other.

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