How To Clean Vintage Converse Shoes

Cleaning shoes–including learning how to clean vintage converse shoes–will help them last longer. Gentle care and the correct use of cleaning materials might save the consumer a few dollars and ensure that the shoes serve the customer for a significant period of time. In this article there is an examination of some of the basic procedures that might be followed.

Materials you need:

  • Commercial stain cleaner product
  • Brush with bristles
  • Washing machine
  • Detergent
  1. Ensure that the shoes have been treated with stain remover. The operative brushes the material on the shoes in order to get rid of the larger stains. It is advisable to go through this process thoroughly so that the final product will be presentable.
  2. Check out the bottom of the vintage converse shoes. If they are dirty, they will need to scrubbed with the bristle brush. The treads and the groves are areas in particular that need attention. The shoes used by young people are particularly dirty in this area.
  3. There needs to be provision for enough time for the stain remover to set within the vintage converse shoes. The cleaner might be worried about the impact on the material, but this is not a problem. For most brands of vintage converse shoes, one hour will be more than plenty time for this sort of process.
  4. It is then important to set the washer for gentle handling. The operative needs to avoid harsh washes because they might destroy the vintage converse shoes. At the same time, the user needs to think about the strain on the washer they are using so that they do not damage it as the shoes are being processed.
  5. The washer must be filled with warm water. For some reason, warm water tends to make it easier to get rid of dirt. It is a good idea to be stingy with the water detergent because it can spoil vintage converse shoes. The operative needs to take care not to spoil the sole or the upper covering as they wash.
  6. Ensure that there are no stains left on the vintage converse shoes. If these appear, the user needs to do some manual work on the shoes so that they will be presentable. Proper drying is a must before the shoes are used again.
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