How To Clean A Vintage Cowboy Boot

Vintage cowboy boots can be comfortable and a classy touch to any outfit, and knowing how to clean a vintage cowboy boot becomes essential knowledge if you want to keep those vintage boots looking good. Cowboy boots never go out of style and look great with almost anything but vintage cowboy boots should always be kept clean and not worn for work. The essentials of cleaning vintage cowboy boots are relatively simple and inexpensive, especially when the cost of purchasing these boots is considered. Protecting your investment is definitely and good choice. Here is a simple method for cleaning vintage cowboy boots.

Supplies needed:

  • Soft bristle brush
  • Clean, dry cotton cloths
  • Saddle soap or oil
  • Leather conditioner oil
  • Leather protector such as mink oil.
  • Cream boot or leather polish.
  1. Clean off all dirt and dust from the cowboy boot with a soft bristle brush. Start from the top of the boot and brush downwards in short strokes.  
  2. Place a small amount of saddle soap on a clean cotton cloth and gently rub this onto the vintage boots using small circles. This helps condition the leather and removes tough dirt spots.
  3. After cleaning the boots, apply a good leather conditioner to the vintage cowboy boot. This helps soften and preserve the leather and adds a natural shine to the look of the boot. If this has not been done in a while you may need to apply two coats. General rule of thumb is that two thin coats are better than one thick coat.
  4. Most vintage cowboy boots are made of high quality leather and materials, but it is still a good idea to add water repellant such as mink oil or other waterproofing solutions. This does not need to be done with every cleaning.
  5. Apply a cream polish with a matching color to the cowboy boots with a clean dry cloth. Apply a small amount of polish to the cloth and rub into the boots with small circular strokes. Using a soft polish cloth or buffing brush, buff the polish on the boots to a nice shine and admire.


  • Using a clean, lightly damp cloth to remove dirt between cleanings helps.
  • Use a leather conditioner or oil that has lanolin for the best results.

Vintage cowboy boots are a great addition to any wardrobe and adds a bit of pizzazz to one’s personal style. Like many long-lasting clothing items, vintage cowboy boots will last longer and look better when proper cleaning and conditioning is performed regularly and correctly.

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