How To Clean Vintage Cufflinks

Do you want to know to clean vintage cufflinks? It is relatively easy to learn how to clean a vintage cufflink if you follow certain rules. Cufflinks are a relatively small accessory but they can make big statements. They come in various sizes and designs. Many people don't notice them and they also don't consider them a relevant part of a wardrobe. They can be made of the finest silver and gold to convey status and clout. They can also be whimsical and relatively cheap. If you have vintage cufflinks, you have a piece of history.

In order to clean vintage cufflinks, you will need:

  • cufflinks
  • jewelry cleaner
  • cotton swab
  • water
  • toothbrush
  • cloth
  1. Inspect the vintage cufflinks. You need to examine your cufflinks before cleaning them. Make sure that there aren't any unknown flaws or damage. If there is damage that you already know of, take note of it and be careful not to increase this damage when cleaning.
  2. Determine what your vintage cufflinks are made of. Different materials use different cleaning methods. If your cufflinks are made of gold or silver, they will not be able to be cleaned with most chemicals. You may also have cufflinks that are hand painted and may old be able to handle being cleaned with water. If you are unsure of what your cufflinks are made of, do some research. go to your local library or search online.
  3. Choose your cleaning agent. The type of cleaner you use will be determine by the type of material your cufflinks are made of. You can wipe them with a wet cloth before using jewelry cleaner if it's necessary. If the cufflinks are relatively large, you can use a toothbrush or cotton swab to remove dirt and debris.
  4. Allow the vintage cufflinks to dry. If you used a cloth, they will be dry, but if you only used a cleaning agent, allow them to dry on their own to decrease the chances of damaging them.
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