How To Clean A Vintage Diamond Watch

Wondering how to clean a vintage diamond watch? If this is the first time you have ever cleaned a vintage diamond watch, it is comforting to know it takes almost no effort or skill, and only a few basic tools. All watches attract soil which gets into the case and dulls the stones on the case and the band. Over time this can shorten the watch's life span, so a good cleaning now and then will help to preserve your vintage diamond watch and keep it sparkling like new.

You'll need the following.

  • old, soft toothbrush
  • small glass bowl
  • Ammonia
  • Warm water
  • lint-free soft cloth
  • mild dish washing soap
  • paper towels
  • large safety pin or needle


  1. Remove the watch bracelet with the pin or sewing needle if possible. Press the spring-loaded pin on the watch with the end of the needle or pin, allowing the bracelet or band to drop off the watch onto a soft cloth.
  2. Soak the bracelet in warm, soapy water as long as it is made from diamonds and metal links. Allow the band or bracelet of your diamond watch to soak as long as it takes to remove any built up soil. Use the soft toothbrush now and then to loosen soil in between the stones.
  3. If the vintage watch band is made from fabric, scrub it gently with the toothbrush that has been dipped into the warm, soapy water. Remove as much soil as possible and blot the band dry with the paper towels. This step can be repeated if there is still soil on the watchband.
  4. Remove the diamond watch from the soapy water bath and rinse in clear water. Place it in a bath of ammonia and water mixed 1:1 and allow it a final soak to bring out the sparkle of the diamonds. Rinse again in cool water and let it sit on the paper towels to drain and fully dry.
  5. With a damp cloth, gently rub the crystal face of your vintage diamond watch and the case. Scrub with a damp toothbrush, but do not allow the watch to become too wet. Be especially care to avoid allowing water from seeping into the case.
  6. After the vintage diamond watch is fully cleaned and dry, reattach the bracelet to the watch using the pin as you did when removing it for cleaning. Use care when manipulating the watch pin so it doesn't bend or break.

Tips: Do not open the case. Cleaning the inside of the diamond watch should be left to an experienced jeweler. Avoid soaking or running your vintage watch under water even if it says it is water resistant. If water gets under the crystal, it will ruin the face and most likely the workings of the watch.

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