How To Clean A Vintage Dive Watch

Want to know how to clean a vintage diving watch? Fortunately, cleaning a vintage diving watch is not that much different from cleaning any other type of spring driven or battery-powered rotary clock. The enemies of all watches are dust, water, time and friction. Cleaning vintage diving watch is only slightly different from cleaning other types of mechanical watches.

Things You Will Need:

  • A Jeweler’s Tool Kit
  • An Air Duster of the type sold at Computer Supply Stores
  • Small Screw Drivers
  • Having the Original Instruction Manual Never Hurts
  • Watch Oil


  1. Unscrew the back off of the vintage diving watch. Use the small screwdrivers provided in a jeweler’s toolkit as they are ideal for this purpose. Take one of the Flathead screw drivers and ply the back off the watch gently. Do whatever it takes to avoid losing the small screws
  2. Examine the gears carefully. Do not worry about how they fit together. Cleaning the watch does not require the user to remove anything. Place the vintage diving watch on its side and use the air duster to blow the dust out. Although the case is designed to be watertight, dust can still get through the cover.
  3. Apply oil to the gears of the watch. This reduces friction and extends the life of any timepiece, including a vintage diving watch. Put the cover back on and make sure to reseal the back tightly. The tight seal helps keep it water proof.
  4. Polish the band and the area around the glass on the face carefully. Gentle Metal polishes work best. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasives as these can damage the band.
  5. Take eyeglass cleaner or a special polish designed for watches to the glass cover on the face. Use the cloth in an up and down rather than a circular motion to avoid scratching the glass. Examine your work from time to time. A vintage diving watch may not shine after cleaning, but it should at least appear like it spent less time under water.
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