How To Clean Vintage Golf Shoes

Learning how to clean vintage golf shoes is relatively easy; however, you must use caution when the golf shoes are old. If your vintage golf shoes start to fall apart when you begin to clean them, you may want to have a professional shoe repairman take a look at them before you cause permanent damage. If the shoes appear to be holding up as you clean them, continue to work on them until you are satisfied with their appearance.

  1. Remove surface dirt when you clean vintage golf shoes. Gently rub the shoes with a damp cloth to remove any old dirt. Use soap if necessary, and make sure not to rub vintage golf shoes too hard so you avoid damaging them.
  2. Remove the spikes from the bottom of vintage golf shoes if necessary. If the spikes are worn, take them off when you are cleaning the shoes. If the spikes are in good shape, clean them along with the rest of the bottom of the shoes by using a damp cloth.
  3. Remember to wash the laces when you clean vintage golf shoes. If the laces are old, instead of cleaning them, you may just want to replace them altogether. Make sure the eyelets do not come loose, if the shoes have any that are attached.
  4. Polish your vintage golf shoes. Try to use the same color shoe polish, so your shoes will retain their original appearance. Work the shoe polish into each of the golf shoes by using a brush or cloth, and then let the polish dry. Buff the shoes with a towel to get them to shine.
  5. See how your vintage golf shoes look once you are done cleaning them. If you are not happy with the way the shoes look, consider taking them to a shoe repairman to have them try and get your shoes back in good condition. Find out how much the charge is for the shoes, before you decide to have them professionally cleaned.
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