How To Clean A Vintage Mink Hat

Wondering how to clean a vintage mink hat? Cleaning a vintage mink hat can make a person nervous and for good reason. This valuable accessory is fragile in its best state, but the years may not have been kind to the hat if proper care has not been taken in its earliest years. Now that the mink hat is in your possession, you need to give it all the proper cleaning and care to make it last.

Things you'll need:

  • A furrier
  1. Find a furrier. If you do not have a regular furrier at the moment, ask friends or family who they trust with their furs. Online bulletin boards can also be of great assistance when finding a trusted furrier. When cleaning a vintage mink hat, you need to deal only with professionals who have built a strong reputation of good work with their clients.
  2. Have the hat initially cleaned and glazed by the furrier. Cleaning a vintage mink hat as soon as you obtain the item is necessary. The history of care of the item is most likely unknown and its new owner needs to be quick to get the fur conditioned to avoid the fur from any further damage. Dried-out fur will begin to fall out eventually and will appear dull and frizzy.
  3. Store appropriately. Avoid cleaning a vintage mink hat too often by storing it in a cool dry place. Do not place the hat in plastic or expose it to summer heat. Furriers offer cold storage for furs. Consider this option to further preserve your vintage hat.
  4. Return the hat to the furrier for cleaning and conditioning every two years. Cleaning a vintage mink hat every two years is a standard practice. Never attempt to spot clean or wash with water or other chemicals at home. If a stain occurs, return the hat to the furrier immediately for care and cleaning.
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