How To Clean Vintage New Balance Shoes

Need to know how to clean vintage New Balance shoes? Cleaning vintage New Balance shoes is a simple task. The main thing to remember is to be gentle to preserve the fabric. Follow these steps to keep your vintage New Balance shoes clean.

To clean vintage New Balance shoes, you will need:

  • Laundry spot remover
  • Laundry enzyme spray
  • A clean cloth or rag
  • Detergent
  • A washer and dryer
  1. Use a spot remover on your vintage New Balance shoes if they are in good condition when you initially acquire them. There are a variety of detergent spot removers available in the washing aisle of grocery stores. It is best to avoid spot removers that use dry cleaning chemicals because they may be too strong for the fabric and damage the shoes.
  2. Apply the spot remover and firmly rub with a clean cloth to remove any dirt. If this does not work, apply another coat of spot remover and allow it to sit for a half hour or more on your vintage shoes, and then try rubbing with the cloth to remove the spot.
  3. Spray your vintage shoes with laundry enzyme and allow it to set on the fabric. If working with the spot remover does not yield the desired results, the next step is to wash the shoes. Pre-treating with laundry enzymes helps loosen dirt before washing.
  4. Wash your New Balance shoes. Place them in the washing machine in cold water with a gentle detergent that has no chlorine bleach. Wash on the gentle cycle unless the vintage shoes are exceptionally dirty. If they are, use the regular or heavy washing cycle.
  5. Dry the shoes in the clothes dryer on normal heat. If you have a dryer rack, place it in the dryer and put the vintage New Balance shoes on the rack to dry. Otherwise, allow them to tumble in the machine until dry.

Wash and dry your vintage New Balance shoes alone, without other laundry in either machine, for the best results. If you prefer not to put the shoes in the dryer, place them on top of the dryer or outside in the fresh air to dry.

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