How To Clean A Vintage Samsonite Suitcase

If you’re a collector of vintage Samsonite luggage, you’ll need to know how to clean a vintage Samsonite suitcase. Learning how to clean a vintage Samsonite suitcase is going to depend on what kind of suitcase you have. Most vintage Samsonite luggage comes in two varieties: leather and plastic hard case. The methods you use to clean a vintage suitcase are going to depend on the kind of suitcase you have. The plastic, hard case is the easiest of the two kinds to clean. It can get a little trickier when it comes to cleaning a vintage Samsonite suitcase that is made of leather. Leather is always a difficult fabric to clean and vintage leather is no exception. When you are getting ready to clean a vintage Samsonite suitcase, it’s important to be gentle and cater to the fabric that your vintage Samsonite suitcase is made of.

Things you will need:

  • Water
  • Soap
  • Olive oil
  • Clean cloth
  1. Determine what kind of suitcase you have. There are two kinds of vintage Samsonite luggage: leather and hard plastic. Knowing what kind of vintage luggage you have will make it easier to know how to clean a vintage suitcase.
  2. Wipe it off. If you have hard plastic suitcase, you’re in luck! A vintage Samsonite suitcase made of hard plastic is the easiest kind of suitcase to clean. Take a clean cloth and dampen it with warm water. Use the damp cloth to wipe away all of the dirt and dust that has been collecting on your suitcase. Once you have wiped off all dirt and dust, wipe your suitcase down with a dry clean cloth. Wiping your suitcase with a dry cloth will make sure there is no leftover water residue that can cause damage.
  3. Use a little soap. If you have a leather suitcase, you can use a little soap and water to clean it. Soak a clean cloth with warm water. Wring the water out of the cloth. You have to be careful with the amount of water you use to clean a vintage Samsonite suitcase. Too much water on leather will damage it and cause it to stain. Rub a little bit of mild soap on the damp cloth. Using a mild soap will help break-up the dirt and grime that’s on your suitcase. Try to stay away from soaps the are heavy with dyes or perfumes. Heavy soaps have ingredients that can cause stains. If you’re not sure your soap is safe, test your soap on a small corner of suitcase. If the area where you use the soap changes colors, try another soap. Now rub your damp, soapy cloth over your suitcase. Apply a little pressure to get the really tough stains. To make sure you clean a vintage suitcase without damaging it, make sure you follow the grain of the leather.
  4. Make it smooth with olive oil. After you’re done cleaning your suitcase, you will need to condition the leather. Using olive oil after you clean a vintage Samsonite suitcase will replace lost moisture. Pour a little olive oil on a clean, dry cloth and rub it into the leather. Make sure you use olive oil that is unscented and unflavored unless you want to carry a vintage Samsonite suitcase that smells like pasta.
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