How To Clean A Vintage Sheepskin Coat

When thinking of purchasing one, you may wonder how to clean a vintage sheepskin coat. Sheepskin is a delicate and expensive material, and often only the most expensive designers use it. You must be doubly careful when handling a vintage piece, so cleaning your vintage sheepskin coat properly is of the utmost importance.

Things you'll need to clean a vintage sheepskin coat:

  • Suede sponge or brush
  • Sheepskin/Suede eraser
  • Sheepskin waterproofer
  • Large paper bag
  • Sheepskin/Wool shampoo

Instructions for how to clean a vintage sheepskin coat:

  1. To clean basic dirt off a vintage sheepskin coat, you'll only need cold water (maximum of 150 degrees F/40 degrees C), your sheepskin shampoo, and the brush. Gently massage the dirt off with the brush and a minimal amount of soap (a dime sized dot for every twelve inches of material), and the dirt should be removed easily.
  2. To remove more difficult marks, your vintage sheepskin coat may require a suede eraser. This will remove all sorts of marks, including ink (which may not be removed easily with the shampoo).
  3. To waterproof your sheepskin coat, you'll need the waterproofer. Although sheepskin naturally resists water, you may live in a snowy climate or need to be around water on a regular basis. If so, waterproof your coat once a month with the waterproofer (generally, you simply spray or brush it on) and your coat will remain supple and stain-free. If your vintage sheepskin coat is very wet, resist the temptation to dry it by a fire or in a clothes dryer, because this will damage the shape and feel of your coat. Simply hang it in a cool, dry area and give it some time.
  4. To maintain that furry look of your vintage sheepskin coat, brush it with your cleaning brush and it will remain soft and supple.
  5. To store your vintage sheepskin coat, do not place it in a clothing bag as it will not be able to breathe properly and may mildew. Instead, store it in a paper bag or a paper box for proper ventilation.
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