How To Clean Vintage Suede Boots

If you own vintage suede boots, you are going to need to know how to clean them. Suede has a beautiful look and feel, especially vintage suede. For anyone who has ever owned a pair of suede boots, you know how difficult it can be to remove stains. Once suede gets wet, it doesn't look or feel the same. The process for cleaning vintage suede boots is completely different than cleaning an ordinary pair of boots. Professional cleaning is always the best option, but this at-home method will work if followed properly.

In order to clean vintage suede boots, you will need:

  • Protective spray
  • Suede eraser
  • Washcloths
  • White vinegar
  • Suede brush
  1. Protect your boots. If you are lucky enough to find a vintage pair of suede boots in great condition, it is important to ensure they remain that way. There is protective suede spray you can purchase to help repel water and stains.
  2. Restore the nap. Gently run the dry washcloth across the vintage suede boots.
  3. For a small stain, use the suede eraser. If you cannot find a suede eraser, a pencil eraser will work. Rub the eraser over the stain while applying light pressure. If the stain is wet, apply the cloth to the stain and press. Avoid rubbing. Once the moisture is absorbed, use the eraser.
  4. For a stubborn stain, use white vinegar. Apply a small amount of white vinegar to a damp washcloth. Gently cleanse the stain on the vintage suede shoe with the washcloth. Allow to dry.
  5. Once dry, brush. Use a suede brush on the dry vintage suede shoes. Brush in the direction opposite the nap.
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