How To Clean A Vintage Trench Coat

Do you need to know how to clean a vintage trench coat? Cleaning a vintage trench can be an challenge. The fear of damaging the item can keep anyone from attempting the process.

  1. When cleaning a vintage trench coat, begin with a simple spot cleaning. Dab at any spills or new stains with a dry cloth first. If the spot does not remove, dampen a soft cloth or sturdy paper towel and dab the spot again. Do not rub the spot as the stain may spread.
  2. Plain water cleaning. Cleaning a vintage trench coat with simple water is possible. Use a large bucket or tub and fill with cool water. Dab the cool water on trouble spots of the coat first, then submerge the entire garment. Leave in the water less than 30 minutes. Shake the coat gently to remove any excess water and hang with a heavy-duty hanger to dry. Remove wrinkles by gently pulling on the sleeves and the bottom of the coat during the drying process.
  3. Use gentle detergent. When plain water fails to remove spots or stains, cleaning a vintage trench coat with a gentle detergent is an option. Dissolve a washing agent designed for babies or for delicate clothes in cool water. Apply the water with a soft cloth to problem areas first, then submerge the entire coat into the solution. Rinse under gentle running water and hang to dry.
  4. Use a dry cleaning service. Cleaning a vintage trench coat can be as simple as a visit to a local dry cleaning service. Discuss the item in length with the dry cleaner and point out all spots of concern on the coat.
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