How To Clean A Virus Off A BlackBerry

Contracting viruses on handheld devices such as Blackberries is a fairly uncommon incidence, but it can happen, therefore, it’s nice to know how to clean a virus off a Blackberry. Unfortunately, the only real way to remove the virus without affecting your applications and media is to pay a rich buck to Blackberry to do it for you. If paying money is not an option, however, there is an option available to clean a virus off a Blackberry, but it involves wiping your phone (restoring it to factory settings).

  1. Delete the file that has produced the virus. If you have a pretty good idea of which file is causing the digital mayhem, go ahead and delete that file. However, sometimes it’s really not that simple and other methods would be suitable to clean a virus off a Blackberry.
  2. Make a backup of everything on your phone. Yes, everything will be deleted from the smartphone, but backing up your files and documents from the phone to your computer will provide a way to later place them back on the phone.
  3. Scan the backup folder with an antivirus program such as McAfee. The backup that you’ve made could possibly contain the infected file, so it’s a good idea to make sure you’re not going to just end up placing the virus back on the Blackberry after you’ve wiped it.
  4. Proceed with wiping the phone. Blackberry offers an option on their phones that is geared specifically for instances like this. Once you’ve decided you’re ready to take the final plunge, navigate to the “Options” menu on your Blackberry. Once you’ve arrived at this menu, choose “Security Options” and then “General Settings.” If your Blackberry device operates on software lower than 4.1, then just choose the option that says “Security.” After you’ve arrived at the “General Settings” menu, choose “Wipe Handheld.”
  5. Enter the word “blackberry” into the prompt. After you’ve done this, you’re phone will proceed with wiping the data. Wiping data from a smartphone is a little depressing, especially if the phone has harbored your data for quite a long time, but mobile device viruses are dangerous and it was worth it in the long run.
  6. Hard-reset the phone. Once you do this, you will be able to go through the Wireless Activation again.
  7. Connect the phone to the computer. Now you will move your files that you backed up back onto the device. You will have to probably re-download applications that you once had on your device.
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