How To Clean A Wind-Up Wrist Watch

Do you want to know how to clean a wind-up wrist watch? Most wind-up wrist watches should be cleaned by a trained professional, there are ways for them to be cleaned at home safely. Cleaning a wind-up wrist watch is better done by an individual with mechanical knowledge or someone who likes to play with mechanical devices. If you are using an expensive or heirloom watch, then it is best to not attempt to clean it if you are not a professional. If you are interested in the steps to how to clean a wind-up wrist watch and are interested with the steps, then we provide the steps here.

To clean a wind-up wrist watch, you will need:

  • Large and clean workspace
  • Ample lighting
  • A tray for removed parts
  • Tweezers and quality screwdriver set
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Makeup brush
  1. Unscrew the back from the watch and open it. Once open, lower the main spring that operates the watch and remove and the watch hands and dial. Continue to remove all the parts in the watch until only the skeleton remains.
  2. Place removed parts in cleaning fluid. Leave these pieces in fluid for several minutes.
  3. Replace parts. After cleaning, dab the parts dry and replace in opposite order removed ensuring that each part is replaced properly.
  4. Wind and check. After the parts are replaced, wind the watch again and be sure that it works properly before replacing the back.

While the steps for how to clean a wind-up wrist watch may seem simple, if not done properly or by a professional, they could damage the watch or cause it to not function properly.  It is best to have your wind-up wrist watch cleaned by a professional if possible. But if you are confident in your abilities to clean the watch properly and successfully, then these simple how to steps for cleaning your wind-up wrist watch should be effective in helping you obtain your goal.

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