How To Clean Windsurfing Gear

If you like windsurfing you should learn how to clean windsurfing gear. Keeping your windsurfing gear clean is beneficial for the longevity of your merchandise. Salt and other unwanted material could stick to your windsurfing gear. Just take a little time and you could have your windsurf gear looking like new again with these simple steps:

Things you will need:

  • Washer (optional to handwash)
  • Mild washing detergent


  1. Prepare your washer. You would need to set your water temperature to the coolest setting to clean your windsurfing gear. Then, adjust your washer to the "delicate" setting before inserting your windsurfing gear. The neoprene in the windsurf suit/gear is delicate and should not be exposed to extremely hot temperatures. Add only 1/4 a load of detergent into the washer. If you are washing a full load, then adjust amount of detergent to a full load.
  2. Place your windsurfing gear into the washer. Your windsurfing gear should go into the washer alone to ensure a maximized cleaning effect. Do not just throw the windsurfing gear into the washer, but place it along the circular pattern of the washer. This will prevent any damage to your windsurfing gear.
  3. Dry your windsurfing gear. You would need to take the windsurfing gear out of the washer and air-dry it. Do not put your windsurfing gear into any dryer. The windsurfing gear is made out of neoprene material. Neoprene is a fast-drying material and does not need any aid. Do not place directly in the sun. Let windsurfing gear dry in cool air after it has been cleaned.
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