How To Clean Your Golfing Driver And Woods

With the popularity of golf today, golfers need to take care of their clubs, so here's how to clean your golfing driver and woods. It's not uncommon for golfers to shell out $500 for a driver and hundreds more for the woods. It's important to keep these clubs clean so they maintain their value. A dirty club can also sacrifice distance since the grooves can fill with dirt. 

You'll need these supplies:

  • Bucket
  • Soap
  • Old toothbrush or soft brush
  • Wet rag
  • Dry rag
  • Warm water
  1. Fill a bucket with soap and water. The soap could be shampoo, car washing soup, dish detergent, whatever. Use warm water so it gets nice and sudsy, which will help clean your driver and woods. 
  2. Clean the grooves. You can do the job with an old toothbrush or some type of soft brush. Simply scrub the grooves vigorously until all the dirt and grime is removed. Don't use a wire brush because it can damage the club. 
  3. Wipe it down. Use an old, dry rag to wipe away all residue to clean your golf driver and woods. Just make sure your partner is okay with which cloth you use. This step will also help you see if there is more dirt or residue to clean since the dirt would likely appear on a lighter rag. If so, you should clean your golf driver and woods again. 
  4. Store the club. After cleaning your golf driver and woods, store them back in the golf bag. It's unlikely that it would happen, but it would be really embarrassing if you drive all the way to the course without these vital clubs.
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