How To Cleanse The Kidney With Natural Juices

Need to know how to cleanse your kidneys with natural juices? The kidneys are their own natural filtering system, filtering the blood to eliminate toxins.  However, people who do not eat healthy, eat too much sugar, consume too much sodium, drink excessive amounts of alcohol, smoke or take illegal drugs can cause damage to the kidneys over time. A natural juice kidney cleanse can help detoxify the kidneys so they become healthy again. Juicing for the kidneys also helps people who suffer from kidney stones by diluting the urine and breaking up the stones. 

A kidney cleanse with juice is basically a fast where you will drink high quantities of fruit and vegetable juice and water over a period of three to ten days. Fruit juices that are generally used are apple juice, lemon juice, lime juice and cranberry juice. Some kidney cleanses also allow vegetable juices and eating raw fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetable juices should always be freshly squeezed, not pre-packaged juice which contains high quantities of sugar and fructose corn syrup. Here are the basic kidney cleanse diets with natural juices.

  1. Lemon or Lime Juice Cleanse-According to the Mayo Clinic, the citric acid in lemon or lime juice may be effective in reducing calcium levels in the urine which reduces the risk of developing calcium kidney stones. For this type of kidney cleanse, combine: 2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice, 2 tablespoons of organic maple syrup, 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 10 to 14 ounces of spring or purified water, lukewarm in temperature. Drink this mixture three times a day for three to five days.  In-between you are allowed to drink other diluted fruit or vegetable juices, water and herbal teas as well as eat fresh vegetables and fruits. The goal is to drink at least one gallon of diluted juice each day.
  2. Apple Juice Cleanse-This is a three day cleanse in which you only drink water and fresh apple juice. You are allowed to drink one gallon each of apple juice and spring or purified water each day, either mixed together or separately. 
  3. Cranberry Juice Cleanse-Cranberries are naturally good for the kidneys and liver and also contain the essential nutrient, proanthocyanidin, which is important during a juice fast. This is a three day cleanse in which you drink 32 to 64 ounces of fresh cranberry juice each day as well as six to eight, eight ounce glasses of water. You can choose to drink only the cranberry juice and water, or add diluted vegetable juices and eat raw vegetables and fruits. However you decide to do this diet, the cranberry juice will effectively cleanse the kidneys of toxins.

A natural juice kidney cleanse can be successful in clearing out unwanted toxins from the body as well as help with other health problems such as lowering blood pressure, clear skin problems, and eliminate fatigue. However, a juice kidney cleanse is not for everyone and can cause side-effects, so talk to your doctor before deciding if a kidney juice cleanse is right for you.


  • Seven to ten days before beginning a kidney cleanse you should eliminate harmful foods and toxins such as alcohol, smoking, sugar, sodium, caffeine, wheat, dairy, fish, meat and eggs to prepare the body for a complete detoxification.


  • People who are diabetic or taking prescription medications should not attempt a kidney cleanse without first talking to their doctor.
  •  Women who are pregnant should not do a juice kidney cleanse.  
  •  Do not drink grapefruit juice during a kidney cleanse fast. 
  •  A kidney cleanse with a juice fast should not be done more than once a month or it can deprive the body of essential nutrients.


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