How To Cleanse Skin Without Soap

Whether you have allergies that make using commercial soaps a problem, or find yourself without any soap in the house, you should know how to cleanse skin without soap. Some of these methods involve using products that are already in the house, with many of these products costing less than most brands of soaps. Here are some alternatives you can consider if you want to learn how to cleanse skin without soap and still feel clean.

  1. Use hot water. A great deal of dirt and grime will fall away from the skin if you simply use hot water and a washcloth or loofa sponge. Keep the water as hot as possible while still maintaining a comfortable temperature, and scrub lightly with the sponge or cloth. People who deal with dry skin will find this strategy helpful, since more of the skin’s natural oils are retained on the surface of the skin.
  2. Douse with baking soda. You can use this product to make a facial scrub by mixing two parts soda to one part water. Apply the mixture to your skin using a damp washcloth and scrub lightly. The alkaline content in the baking soda will remove dirt, dead skin, and excess oils, while still leaving your skin fresh and feeling clean.
  3. Use some olive oil. This ancient method to cleanse skin without soap is also helpful with some incidences of dry skin. Massage a small amount of olive oil into the skin, then cover with a hot, damp washcloth. Allow the cloth to remain in place until it has cooled completely, then wipe away the oil using the cooled washcloth. The heat penetrates into the pores of the skin, and pushes the dirt to the surface, where it collects on the surface of the washcloth.
  4. Give soap nuts a try. Another ancient means to cleanse skin without soap, soap nuts are the fruit found on small trees and shrubs that are part of the Lychee family. The fruit contains agents known as saponins, which can help remove grime and excess oil from the surface of the skin. Wet the skin thoroughly, then rub the soap nut over the surface of the skin, then rinse a second time. Repeat as necessary.
  5. Use oatmeal. Rolled oats are an excellent exfoliating agent, making oatmeal an ideal way to cleanse skin without soap. Simply wet the skin using warm to hot water, then use a handful of uncooked oatmeal to gently scrub the skin. The oatmeal will absorb excess oils, loosen dirt and grime, and leave the skin feeling refreshed. After scrubbing gently for anywhere from one to two minutes, rinse the skin thoroughly, again using hot water.

Keep in mind that some of these methods may require two or more applications in order to cleanse the skin properly. Also, these soap alternatives do not provide benefits such as inhibiting perspiration or functioning as a deodorant.

Knowing how to cleanse skin without soap can come in handy in many situations, such as when camping or when soap products irritate a skin condition. Try each of these methods and see which one seems to work best with your skin type.

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