How To Clear Computer Memory

Nothing makes your work day drag on worse than a lagging computer, so learn how to clear computer memory to improve your computer’s performance. Choose one or all of these strategies to clear up space.

1. Restart your computer. From your Windows environment, click Start, followed by “Shut Down.”  Choose “Restart” from the dropdown menu and click “OK.” Restarting removes idle processes, which add to your lag time. This will help clear computer memory.

2. Clear RAM (Random Access Memory). Close programs that are running that you are not currently using. To do this quickly, press "Ctrl+Alt+Delete".  This will generate your Task Manager.  From this menu, end any tasks you don’t need running.

3. Delete files you no longer need.  Open folders like "My Documents" and "My Pictures".  Right click on files you no longer need and click “Delete.”  Don’t forget to remove them from your Recycle Bin to clear computer memory.

4. Clear your cache. Open an internet browser, such as Internet Explorer.  Click “Tools” from the top navigation menu. Click “Internet Options.” On the “General” tab, locate the “Browsing History” section. Click “Delete.” Then press “OK.” This will clear your browsing history, temporary files and cookies, another way to clear computer memory.

5. Remove programs. From your Windows environment, click "Start", followed by "Control Panel" and "Add or Remove Programs". Browse this list and choose software you no longer use.  Be honest with yourself. When was the last time you played Sims? Click the program, then click “Remove.” Repeat this process for each program you can live without to clear computer memory.

6. Clear your Temporary Internet Files. Open a browser, and open the “Tools” menu again. Click “Internet Options” and open the “Advanced” tab. In the “Security” section near the bottom of this window, select the checkbox for “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed.” This will ensure you don’t let temporary files build up on your computer, which will clear computer memory.

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