How To Clear Up Navel Piercing Infections

Knowing how to clear up navel piercing infections can help prevent the infection from spreading and possibly prevent other complications that may arise. However, it is important to know that not all navel piercing infections can be appropriately treated using these home remedies. Those experiencing certain signs and symptoms such as discoloration of surrounding skin, tissue discoloration, and/or pain should seek professional medical advice. These specific techniques are for mild and/or initial infection resulting from navel piercing:

  1. JEWELRY. Failure to remove the navel ring in some instances can inhibit and perhaps make the infection worse. However, if drainage is present the jewelry should not be removed. If the jewelry will be used again after the navel piercing infection has cleared up, it must be cleaned. Washing with soap and water should be efficient, but the ring, stud, etc. should be soaked in a solution of alcohol.
  2. CLEANSING. Keeping the area around the belly button clean and dry is very important. The area should be gently cleansed with a mild antimicrobial soap and blotted dry. If drainage is present, cleansing will need be more frequent and garments changed as necessary.
  3. TOPICAL TREATMENTS. To clear up navel piercing infections, a topical antibiotic ointment should be applied to the area frequently. This should be done after the area has been thoroughly cleaned. The ointment should be applied with a clean swab and hands should be cleaned before application.
  4. PROTECTION. Avoiding certain activities and possible irritants is recommended to clear up a navel piercing infection. This can include activities such as swimming and/or lounging in a hot tub or similar activities that can expose the navel to further infection. A bandage can also be utilized to prevent friction and protect the skin.


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