How To Climb A Tree With No Branches

Need to know how to climb a tree with no branches? There may come a time when you need to be able to climb a tree without branches. While this is significantly more difficult than climbing a tree with branches, all it requires is a good strategy and a little strength. It will be easier to climb if you are wearing good rubber soled shoes, but in a bind, you can climb a tree without branches despite your shoes.

  1. Get a good grip on the tree. The best strategy is to wrap your arms around the tree and interlock your hands. If your arms do not circle the tree, simply get a good grip on the bark. Your hands should not be keeping you in the air, but simply keeping your body close to the tree trunk.
  2. Try out the position. Practice lifting your legs up and planting the soles of your feet against the tree. Try leaning back slightly, keeping feet against the tree and hands interlocked around the trunk. This is the position you will use to climb a tree without branches. Be sure you can hold the position for at least a few minutes before attempting to climb higher.
  3. Push yourself up. Jump up the trunk of the tree, returning to this position slightly higher up the trunk. The best motion for this is to push slightly out with your feet and up. Rely primarily on your legs to propel yourself higher and keep a firm grip on the tree with both your feet and hands. It is important to always stay in control as you climb a tree without branches.
  4. Come back down. To come back down a tree without branches, you will need to work slowly and carefully. Slowly shimmy your legs down the tree trunk and move your arms down to meet them. Continue to work your way down until you are close enough to the ground that you can jump the rest of the way.



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