How To Clip On Bow Tie

Wearing a bow tie is an accessory that is highly favored in upscale black tie events so it may be to your best interest to learn how to clip on bow tie. Many distinguished people wear bow ties regularly, because it radiates a sense of poise and elegance that regular ties do not have. However, tying a bow tie maybe difficult for people who rarely wear them, therefore, many stores carry clip on bow ties. Clip on bow ties are very simple to use and go with almost every collar shirt known to man. Here’s how to use them.

Items Needed:

  • Clip on bow tie
  • Crisp, clean collar shirt
  • Mirror
  • Iron
  1. Search your closet for a clean, crisp collar shirt. Iron the wrinkles out of the shirt, then allow it to cool. Put the shirt on while standing in front of a mirror.
  2. Button the collar shirt all the way down. Pay special attention that all the buttons are going directly down the middle of your chest and stomach. This is extremely important because a crooked shirt will make the tie appear crooked as well.
  3. Tuck the shirt into your pants. Flip the collar up on your shirt and locate the first button on your neckline. This button needs to be buttoned as well. However, if the button is too tight, then you will need to purchase a collar extender in order to get a bit more room in that area.
  4. Open the clip to the tie, look in the mirror and line the tie in the center of the first button on your neckline. The tie clip needs to be clipped directly on that button. Once the tie is aligned correctly, flip the clip down over the back of the button. Make sure it is tightly secured, then finally flip the collar of the shirt down over it.
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