How To Clone In Halo 3

With the intense training required to train each Spartan soldier, it makes sense Bungie would finally figure out how to clone in Halo 3. The ability to clone may have been accidental, but, as with most gaming glitches, they are bound to show up eventually. Also, apparently lost in the cloning process is all ability to do just about anything. The clones won't be able to help you battle the Covenant, but it is cool to see what your Spartan soldier looks like outside of the character editor.

  1. Open up the Forge. The only mode that you can clone yourself in "Halo 3" is in the game's Forge mode. It doesn't matter what map you're in, as long as you've got room to move around.
  2. Lower your damage resistance. Open up the settings menu by pressing "X" and change the damage resistance from 50 to ten with base player and lead player. This must be set before you enter the map editor section of Forge and clone yourself in "Halo 3."
  3. Create a box of walls. Place four shield doors into the map in the top-down view shape of a square. If your character were standing in it, he would be boxed in. After you've created the box, place a football into the center of the room.
  4. Create a respawning turret. Place a respawning turret next to each shield door. You can make it respawning by selecting the option before you place it down onto the map. It's essential to have them close by when you try to clone yourself.
  5. Continually run into the football. Like Regan smashing his head into a brick wall in an episode of "Family Guy," run yourself into the football until you've lost your shields. You'll know you've lost shields when the interface starts blinking red.
  6. Grab a turret. Hop on one of the turrets and rip it off the stand. You should die immediately. When you respawn, a clone should be standing where you died.
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