How To Close Internet Browser

The information age has provided boundless opportunity for fun, dating and just plain intelligence gathering. After the fun is over and it's time to turn out the lights, getting your browser closed is important. Protecting your computer from security threats requires downtime if your system is unattended. The color red has become a universal signal for ending a process or closing a program. Red combined with the "X" icon denote ending a browser session in many Internet browsing programs. Several browser's are available for your entertainment purposes. From Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox and Mac's Opera, the method for closing your browser is similar. 

Supplies you will need:

  • Computer
  • Internet browser

Internet Explorer

  1. Find the "X" icon on your Internet browser. The icon is located at the top right corner of your Internet browser. 
  2. Place your on-screen mouse pointer over the icon. In some browsers, the icon will turn red when you place your mouse over it. In others, it will turn a light red indicating you are ready to click. 
  3. Click your left mouse button. This will automatically close your browser. 

Google Chrome

  1. Locate the "X" icon on your Google Chrome browser. The icon is on the upper-right corner of the browser. 
  2. Place your pointer over the "X" icon. The icon will turn red indicating you are ready to close the program.
  3. Click your left mouse button. The browser will close automatically. 

Additional Information

  1. In addition, many browsers allow you to open tabs. Tabs are individual browser pages allowing you to view multiple sites in one browser window. Each tab contains the same "X" icon for closing that particular tab. Place you on-screen mouse pointer over the "X" icon on the tab and click your left mouse button. This will automatically close the tab. 
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