How To Coach 7th Grade Girls Basketball

Learning how to coach 7th grade girls basketball can be a challenge. Basketball is a very fundamental sport, particularly at this level. You will want to be sure that the girls learn the correct techniques and fundamentals to ensure that they are ready to play at the current and next levels.

To Coach 7th grade girls basketball, you will need:

  1. Basketballs
  2. Cones
  3. Coach's clipboard
  4. Patience
  1. Focus on fundamentals. Youth basketball players need to be taught the correct fundamentals. This will ensure that they have the skills needed to be an excellent basketball player. Plan your practice so that the majority of the time is spent doing fundamental drills such as lay-ups, dribbling, and passing. Make sure your players are doing the drill correctly so that bad habits are not formed.
  2. Use your coach's clipboard. Remember that some players will be visual learners, especially at this age. Use your clipboard to diagram plays and drills so that they can see how they will work on paper. Once you have demonstrated a technique on paper, transfer that skill to the court. This way they are seeing the drill, hearing about the drill, and doing the drill.   
  3. Do cone drills to focus on dribbling. Have the players line up and perform dribbling drills using a cone. Make sure that are using both hands to dribble, not just their primary hand. It is important to be able to use both hands in basketball.
  4. Do form shooting everyday. It is important to focus on the proper shooting form at this age. 7th grade girls do not have a lot of upper body strength so they tend to push the ball when they shoot. Have them practice their form close to the basket. Players at this age should not be shooting three-pointers. Have them practice shooting the ball 2 feet from the basket, using one hand. Make sure that they follow through and that their elbow is in. Do this at least ten minutes a day. This will create a "muscle memory" of the correct way to shoot the ball.
  5. Have patience. Remember that hormones are a major issue at this age! Be patient and calm with your players, be sure to have fun, and keep them interested in the sport of basketball.
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