How to Coach Flag Football

Need information on how to coach flag football? People who just enjoy helping the youth and also enjoy the game of football can kill two birds with one stone by coaching flag football. Flag football is a much safer game than regular football for children. So follow these tips and get started coaching flag football.

  1. Everybody plays. When coaching flag football, the first step necessary is to get every player a position on the field.  Flag football is different from regular football in that every player is available to go out for a pass in most leagues. The rules can be differ depending on the flag football leagues, but typically everyone should have an opportunity to touch the ball.
  2. Develop an offensive strategy. Usually in flag football, most teams work out of the shotgun. In many leagues it is a rule that the teams must use the shotgun instead of taking snaps under center. This is because there is not a lot of blocking in flag football and working out of the shotgun gives the quarterback more time to hand the ball off or pass it down the field.
  3. Make sure to cover all aspects of the game in practice.  Offense, defense, and special teams need to be worked on at each and every practice.  The team should go over the plays over and over to make sure they can run them well.  If special teams are not practiced enough, kickoffs and field goals will be nightmares during the game.
  4. Keep it simple. If someone is coaching a youth flag football team, it is important to keep the play book short and simple. Having a play book of five to ten rushing plays and five to ten passing plays is usually good enough for a youth flag football league. But in a league of players that are a little smarter and older, more plays can be included in the play book.  
  5. Another important aspect of being a flag football coach is knowing how to deal with the parents of the players on the team.  Make sure every parent has the opportunity to discuss any problems they have with the coach. If the parent is upset that their child is not playing a certain position, be sure to give them the information as to why they are not playing that position. While it is important to maintain discipline and keep the players' attention, it is equally important to make sure they are enjoying themselves.
  6. A key aspect of coaching football is to make sure each player on the team is having fun. The reason these kids signed up to play flag football is to have fun. If they are not having fun, then there is no purpose in continuing to play. A flag football coach should be very receptive to players regarding how to make flag football a more enjoyable experience for them.

Coaching flag football can be a very fun hobby for anyone who enjoys the sport of football. Much of the time, flag football is played by younger kids as a safer alternative opposed to tackle football. As with any sport for youth, the number one goal is for all of the players and coaches to enjoy themselves while playing.

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