How To Coach Her On Performing Oral Sex On You

Want to know how to coach her on performing oral sex? You want to get the perfect blow job from your girl, but you don't know exactly how to tell her the method she's using isn't working? No problem. Coaching her on  performing oral sex on you will have her fulfilling all of your fellatio fantasies.    

  1. Ask her for foreplay. Just like she says to you, don't let her go straight for the kill. Foreplay is just as important for a man as it is for a woman. Instruct her to play with your area and all that comes with it. This will stimulate more nerve endings in your penis and testicles and lead to an explosive finale. 
  2. Start off slow. Make sure she knows you've got the time to play. Have her gently caress your manhood, even teasing you at times. Tell her to focus on more than just your stick; have her kiss your thighs and naval. Like a movie, oral sex should be something new that you will enjoy. Don't let her rush in and finish before your pants are all the way off. Allow her to take her time. Doing so will make you both fell more aroused.
  3. Wetness is your friend. If one thing makes a blow job, it's the amount of saliva your lady uses. Tell her to begin with some heavy licking, treating your tool like an ice cream cone. This will stimulate saliva glands to secrete and make things much wetter down below. Go the extra mile by handing her the whip cream or some flavored lubricant.
  4. Have a discussion. Well, maybe not quite a full-fledged discussion. However, talking to your girl makes her feel wanted and more comfortable. Give her feedback, whether it is in the form of words or noises, and ask for the same. Have her talk dirty if she's into that kind of thing while you share your dirtiest fantasies. Even eye contact means something good.
  5. Tell her to let loose. Make sure she knows she is in control. Don'ts hold her head or thrust hard, instead let her take control. Tell her she is in the driver's seat and you're just the horny passenger.   


  • Mints help stimulate saliva too. They also make things extra tingly.  
  • Remember to tell her right before your breaking point. Failure to do so might damage the possibility of future bj's, or at least land you in the driver's seat.
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