How to Coach High School Football

After coaching youth football or a lower level, many times people feel the need to move up to the next level and learn how to coach high school football.  While switching to coach high school football is a big step up, it is important that it is still the same game.  Whether it is high school or Pop Warner, football still generally has the same rules and many of the same things will apply to having success.  This is not saying that when you coach high school football it will not be more difficult.  There will definitely be more responsibilities involved.  Let's talk about some of the steps necessary to coach high school football.

  1. Expect greater responsibility. The first thing to realize when you coach high school football is that there are many more responsibilities and the need to develop a much more intricate game plan.  This will cause a need for much more assistant coaches.  
  2. Get an offensive coordinator. When coaching high school football, it is important to have an offensive coordinator.  This is someone the head coach should get together with in order to formulate an offensive game plan.  This coach will also often have the responsibilities of calling the offensive plays throughout the game.
  3. Get a defensive coordinator. The same situation is normally in place with the defense when coaching high school football.  There is usually a defensive coordinator that helps the head coach put together a defensive game plan.
  4. Keep them hydrated. Another thing to remember when coaching high school football is that it is very important to keep the players hydrated.  At this age, the players on the team sweat a lot more than they do on youth teams and becoming dehydrated is much more likely.

Despite the players being a little bit older, when coaching high school football, it is still important to make sure all of the players on the football team have a good time playing a game that they love.  Having fun and being safe are two of the biggest priorities for the players and their parents.

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