How To Coach High School Water Polo

By keeping some basics in mind, you can learn about how to coach high school water polo. While at one time water polo was a relatively rare sport, it has definitely increased in popularity over the years. For best results, be sure to follow these basic steps.

  1. Understand the basics of the sport. This is essential to properly coaching high school water polo. Even those who have never played the sport can be a great coach if they understand the basics. Learn more about water polo by researching it online, or studying books in the library or at your local bookstore.
  2. Hold tryouts. Even if you keep all potential players and make no cuts, tryouts are a great way for you to evaluate the status of your team and strengths and weaknesses of certain players. Typically, you can identify which players will be the best and in which position through tryouts alone.
  3. Use real-life drills in practice. While it is essential to ensure that players possess high amounts of strength and endurance, water polo players should also have an understanding of what to do in basic game situations. Try to make practice drills as realistic as possible for best results.
  4. Be fair. Rotate through as many players as possible. Though you might not win Olympic gold this way, it is a surefire way to improve self-worth and esteem during the difficult high school years.
  5. Understand which players you need to be tough with and which players need encouragement. As in other situations, not all players respond to the same type of communication. Identify which way each of your players responds to coaching in order to be most effective.
  6. Have fun. After all, this is what high school water polo is all about.
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