How to Coach Little League Baseball

When someone is just beginning to learn how to coach little league baseball, it is important to start with fundamentals and keep things basic.  There is no sense in trying to teach kids that are just learning how to play baseball how to throw a curve ball.  Let them master the beginner's techniques.  Sure, there will be instances where some kids will be more advanced than others.  Some children playing little league baseball may be able to throw a curve ball, but it is not something that should be expected.  Let's discuss some of the steps that are necessary when learning how to coach little league baseball.

  1. Get the bat on the ball. When you coach a little league team how to hit the baseball, it is important to focus on the main objective of hitting, which is putting the bat on the ball.  There is a reason the saying "keep your eye on the ball" is heard so many times when at a little league baseball game.  Obviously, if a batter does not keep his eye on the ball and make contact with the baseball, not much can be accomplished as far as hitting the ball goes.
  2. Play catch. Do not underestimate the important of playing catch at the beginning of practice every day when you coach little league baseball.  It should be done until the kids are able to throw and catch the ball almost effortlessly.
  3. Where is the play? It is important to teach all of the players on the field where to be in all situations.  When you coach little league baseball, many of these situations will be new for many of the players.  Players on the field need to know which base to cover, who to back up and all of the other responsibilities of each of their positions.
  4. Keep it simple. When pitching, the main objective when you coach little league baseball, is to make sure the pitcher throws strikes.  Do not waste your time trying to teach a twelve-year-old how to throw five different pitches.  Most successful little league pitchers only require one to two pitches to be successful.

These are some of the most important things to teach when you coach little league baseball.  Another thing to remember that when someone is a little league baseball coach, the main objective is to make sure every one of the kids on the team is having fun and enjoying the experience.  Everything is secondary to that.

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