How to Coach Youth Football

Many people are interested in finding out how to coach youth football.  If you have little or no coaching experience, a great place to begin gaining additional coaching experience is by learning how to coach youth football.  If your amount of football knowledge is so low that you cannot coach a team by yourself, feel free to become an assistant until you gain enough knowledge to coach a youth football team by yourself.

Let's talk about some important steps to take when learning how to coach youth football.

  1. When learning how to coach youth football, one of the most important aspects is developing trust with the kids that you are coaching.  Your kids will listen to you and respond to your directions better once you have earned their attention and respect.  A big step is getting to know each kid personally and reaching out to each kid to let them know that you are serious about helping them become a better football player.  As a youth football coach, this is probably the most important aspect of your job.
  2. Another very important aspect of learning how to be a football coach is making sure your team practices all of the proper safety procedures.  Make sure the kids all are wearing the proper amount of gear and padding.  Also, do not overlook the importance of having helmets and pads that fit properly.  For the parents of the football team, the safety of their child is the most important aspect of the youth football team.
  3. As a youth football coach, it is important to keep a nice and simple game plan for the team.  At higher levels of football, such as youth football, there can be a more advanced game plan.  But when you are coaching a youth football team, make sure to make a game plan that the team will be able to utilize with an adequate amount of practice.

One important thing to remember when you are learning how to coach youth football, is that everyone is there to have fun and enjoy yourself.  That is the goal of youth football, for everyone to learn how to play and also to have a good time.  Later in life, for these kids, winning and losing will become more important.  At this time focus on helping them have fun.

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