How to Coach Youth Soccer

If you find working with kids a rewarding experience, you may want to learn how to coach youth soccer. Watching players run around on the field, learning techniques and enjoying the art of the game, can be quite fulfilling for some. Most youth coaches volunteer in their free time. These coaches deserve a round of applause for their dedication and the time they spend encouraging those who are involved.

  1. Make a connection in the community. Visit or call the local sport’s organization and state an interest in learning how to coach youth soccer. Form a team or join a team that is already in progress. Be sure to follow the guidelines when choosing team players.
  2. Gain parent’s approval and support. Offer information on yourself and your family. Explain the reasons you want to coach youth soccer. This may help the parents feel more at ease around you. Be sure to offer contact information in case the parents need to get in touch with you.
  3. Focus on having fun. If you coach youth soccer, it can be a competitive sport; remember that most kids are out there just to have fun. Of course it is nice to win a few games here and there, but do not go overboard with drills and practices. Be sure the kids have fun learning how to play soccer, and be sure each player is able to participate on the field during a game.
  4. Make a plan of action. Players and parents do not want to waste their time coming to un-organized practices. When you coach youth soccer, know what drills you plan to utilize and where you will place each player on the team. Have a plan of action. This plan of action may help the team succeed in winning a game.
  5. Bring the soccer equipment needed for a practice or a game. For instance, if you plan to use cones or extra balls during the next practice, you are responsible for bringing the items. Parents and kids may accidentally lose the equipment or just forget to bring it altogether.
  6. Keep parents and players aware of all practices and games. If there is a cancellation due to poor weather conditions or because of a personal matter, be sure to contact each family. If you are going to coach youth soccer, consider asking a team mom to help during cancellations, as well as prepare for refreshments during the games.
  7. Give praise to the players. Refrain from yelling or belittling them. Most importantly, parents will not like this. Second, offering encouragement may actually increase the morale of the team and help score more goals. Give a high-five, tell a kid that he made an exceptional pass and motivate the youth who may need it the most.




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