How To Coin Drop

Learning how to coin drop can enhance your breakdancing skills and impress your audience. Breakdancing is a mixture of top-rock (up-rock) moves and down-rock (six-step) moves. When going from top-rock to down-rock moves, you will need a basic transition in between. Breakdancers learn how to coin drop to present a smooth transition between moves and create a set up for windmills and spins.

  1. The first decision you must make when learning how to coin drop is if you will spin clockwise or counter-clockwise. Begin the transition by twisting your upper-body hard to the left to perform a counter-clockwise spin or to the right to perform a clockwise spin. Your lower body should remain in the same position. Bend forwards at your waist and touch the floor with both palms. Upper body strength is needed when practicing the coin drop in order to make a smooth transition. Push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, dips and other upper body exercises can be done regularly to build upper body strength.
  2. Position your palms firmly on the ground as your arms will need to be strong enough to hold your body weight in the air. Kick your feet back and up into the air. The twist of the body will cause a rotation that should result in a spinning momentum of the legs. Your legs should begin to rotate around your body while your feet remain up in the air. Gently lower your body onto your left shoulder as your shoulder falls to the floor. Your feet should still be in the air while your body spins on your left shoulder. It may be a good idea to have a friend or family member watch while you practice the coin drop so they can tell you what needs improvement.
  3. Continue the move by spinning and rolling onto your right shoulder as your legs continue to spin above your body. Once you drop onto the floor, practice going into a windmill position. Breakdancers can use the coin drop transition to move directly into a six-step or back-spin. When practicing the coin drop, take your time to prevent injuries. Learning these advanced moves takes time and dedication to get smooth transitions. Remember that the harder you twist to do the coin drop, the faster you will spin.


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