How To Collect Antique Beer Steins

If  you are into collecting beer steins, knowing how to collect antique beer steins could be valuable information. The first beer steins were made in Germany sometime in the sixteenth Century. These steins wee made using clay. All of these early steins were handmade. Lids were incorporated to keep the flies from the contents. seventeenth and eighteenth century began the emergence of raised or relief designs and much more color. The greater attention to detail created a whole new guild of artists. These steins were much more beautiful than their earlier predecessors. In the nineteenth century many companies began producing steins. The companies and artist would mark the base of the stein. These steins are the ones usually found at sales and online auctions. Earlier versions are usually only found in museums.

To collect antique beer steins, you will need.

  •  Access to the Internet. There are many online auctions as well as private collectors who are looking to sell or trade.
  •  A  Reference Book of Manufactures Stamps ( that specializes in beer steins.)  These publications also help to point out which steins are reproductions and which are originals. Your local bookstore or a site such as will probably have these publications. It is always good to have a hardcopy you can take with you if you are attending a sale or an auction.

So, now you have your materials. Getting started collecting is easy.

  1. Go online. Simply use a search engine like Google or Bing and enter your key words. If you know a particular type of antique beer stein that you like add that information to your search.
  2. Find your targeted Information. Using the information at your disposal find online auctions or live auctions in your area. Most live auction houses list the content of the items they are selling weekly. That way you can be prepared and knowledgeable about which type of steins you will be bidding on. The research also shows current price trends for the different type of steins. Ebay is a good place to see what other people are paying for comparable steins.
  3. Get Bidding! Find the first stein you would like to have and put in a bid. Many collectors also have a "buy it now" set price if you don't want to take a chance of losing the bidding during an  auction.

Remember, to check your local auction houses and search for online auctions as well. There is usually one going on at all times. Beware of getting duped into spending big money on a reproduction. Keep your reference material handy and read up on the steins you are looking into buying. Beginning your collection is only a click away.

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