How To Collect Retirement Benefits From United Paperworkers Union

Need to know how to collect retirement benefits from the United Paperworkers Union? Collecting retirement benefits from the United Paperworkers Union requires a little Sherlock Holmes work. United Paperworkers International merged with the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International Union on January 4, 1999, to become the Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union, and was known as PACE. In April of 2005, PACE merged with the United Steel Workers of America to form the United Steel, Paper and Forestry, Rubber, Manufacturing, Energy, Allied-Industrial and Service Workers International Union, which is known less formally as the United Steel Workers. If you were ever affiliated with the United Paperworkers Union, here’s how to go about collecting your retirement benefits:

  1. Visit the USW website to find a link to your district. Districts are organized around geographic regions of the United States. An interactive map allows you to click through to the regional website.
  2. At the regional site, look for the list of locals. Find your local. Each local has a website separate from the USW site.
  3. Once at the local site, find a link to your unit. These are organized according to workplace. If your workplace no longer exists, find a link to the company which merged with yours. If your company no longer exists and wasn't merged, call the president of your local for more information on which unit handles your former employer. Click on the link to your unit.
  4. The unit page will list different areas of concern, and the contact information for the person responsible for that area. Common categories are: insurance/benefits, retirement, workers compensation and sick leave.
  5. Contact the individual responsible for retirement benefits. He will detail the process of receiving benefits, usually requiring paperwork to be sent to you and completed. While talking to your retirement benefits contact, ask whether you should inquire separately about any insurance or other benefits from other union contacts.
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