How To Collect Watches

Are you wondering how to collect watches now that you have a little extra spending cash? There are so many types of watches, so many brands, so many styles. It is easy to see where confusion could set in. How exactly does one get started though. Is the process fraught with peril? Nah, it is really quite a simple process and it goes something like this:

  1. Buy a watch. That may be a bit simplistic, but that is really where it starts. It of course does not stop there. You start by buying a watch. This will cause you to start looking at watches more. You will notice them on other people, you will see ads in various media, you will look at watches on display in stores. 
  2. Start studying the types of watches available. Once you start looking more at watches you will start noticing the different types of watches. It will be at this point that you start making a study of watches and the different types. You can read articles in magazine or online and find out about the various types. A good way to learn about watches is to join some of the online watch forums. The neophyte watch collector will be amazed at just how many there are. Simply go to a favored web browser and type in "watch discussion" or your favorite style, or brand name. This will bring up many entries. Some forums are watch related in general, some are specific to a brand or style of watch. If there is a watch, there is a forum which discusses it.
  3. Evolve your own taste in watches.  Once you start studying the types of watches you will start to evolve your own particular tastes in watches. What you choose will be determined by what you like visually, what your particular needs for a watch may be, and what your budget will allow. The prices in watches range from the very inexpensive to the very expensive. At the local discount store counter you can find watches which can run under $20.  Then there are the expensive ones which can range from $1000 to the very expensive over $100,000 and up. Obviously there are a lot of brands and watches in between the two extremes. There is something out there for almost any budget or taste.
  4. Buy a watch that fits your new taste in watches. Once you develop a particular taste in watches you may buy that type of watch to replace the first.  If it turns out that you have a real interest in watches one specimen will not satisfy the craving for long. If so, bingo, you have become a watch collector.

Some collectors buy certain brands of watches such as the Bulova collector, the Seiko collector, the Rolex collector, or the Omega collector. Some people buy certain types or styles of watches, such as the dive watch collector, the chronograph collector, and the military watch collector. There are collectors who collect nothing but watches with mechanical, or automatic, or quartz movements. There are so many varieties, do not get overwhelmed, just start slow. Remember, there are no rules. And in fact, many collectors change their tastes over time and end up collecting something entirely different than they started with. One of the good things about collecting watches is, they hold their value if taken good care of. They can easily be resold. Many collectors spend a lot of time buying watches, keeping them for a time and reselling them. This process is often called "flipping",

Its not a long or hard process, and you WILL find what suits you. There is one danger however. Watches will start following you home, their young will appear in your watch box. You will find new watches where there was none before. Sometimes you find yourself wearing two, three, or four watches a day just so that each gets some wrist time occasionally. No matter what a significant other may say, this is not abnormal, this is quite normal and reasonable behavior.

Enjoy your new watch collection…

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