How To Color Chest Hair

Learning how to color chest hair is not a whole lot different than coloring the hair on your head.  It is definitely less ordinary, but you take the same precautions.  You may want to test a patch of hair on your chest to be safe. Make sure you don't have any cuts or scrapes on your chest.

Here's What You'll Need to Color Your  Chest Hair:

  • Hair color
  • Hair color applicator
  • Henna
  • Kool-Aid
  • Gloves

1. Skin Patch Test  Before you continue with coloring your chest hair make sure your patch test didn't irritate your skin. Keep in mind the color your chest hair came  out with and how long it took.

2. Small or Large Area to Color Try getting an applicator brush from a beauty supply store. It will make applying the hair color to your chest much easier. Especially depending on whether you have just a little chest hair or a lot. Avoid getting much of the hair color on your chest. You'll get some of it on your skin, but try not to get a lot. It can also stain your skin.

3. Color Time Leave it on for the amount of time required, or the time your test indicated, and rinse. Make sure you condition your chest hair after coloring it and the  next time you shower.

4.  No on Chemicals? Other options An alternative to using store bought chemical color is coloring your chest hair with henna. If you choose this bear in mind that you'll have to leave the color in your chest hair longer, and it will be a lot messier. You mix henna, indigo or amla depending on if you want red, reddish brown, brown or black chest hair. When you are done you will want to rinse really good.

5. Another Chest Hair Color Option If you are more daring you could also try to color your chest hair with kool-Aid.  Mix sugar-free kool-Aid and water together. Do not add sugar to your chest hair color mix or it will be a sticky mess.

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