How To Compare Alteration Prices

Need to know how to compare alteration prices? You may be looking into alteration prices either because you have lost some weight or because those pesky gremlins come into your closets at night and do silly things to your clothes. Whatever the reason, you now need to have someone alter your clothes. Where do you begin?

  1. Ask around. The best endorsements tend to come from people you know personally. Most of us have friends that have needed a few alterations done, so starting here will help you to compare alteration prices. Your friend will not only let you know how pleased they were with the work, they can tell you how much the charges were.
  2. Let your fingers do the walking. Check in the phone book to compare alteration prices. You know, the big yellow book that the phone company leaves on your doorstep. The phone may be a little better than the internet because similar places will all be listed right there together. Get a pen and pad so you can write down all of the information, then make your decision.
  3. Check with your dry cleaner. Many times, they dry cleaner has someone on staff that may be able to alter your clothes, and it may cost a lot less than going to a speciality shop. Finding out how much it will cost for your dry cleaner to do it is another good way to compare alteration prices.
  4. Undiscovered talent. You never know what undiscovered talent is right under your nose. Another way to compare alteration prices is to post an online ad seeking out people. Then you have people contacting you, you can request photos of past work they have done, collect quotes, then make your choice. If they are recent graduates, you may get some work done for very little.
  5. Ask your friends. You may have a friend that is able to do the work for you. Sometimes it pays to run your mouth about your need to compare alteration prices. There may be a friend in the group, or a girlfriend or wife, who can do the work. You just can never be sure, so keep talking.

Decide the best method for yourself and go from there. When it comes to comparing alteration prices, you want to make sure you make a good choice and that the person you choose does a good job.

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