How To Complain About A Hotel

If you find yourself being cheated or mistreated during your hotel stay, you'll want to read on for how to complain about a hotel. There are ways that you can address the situation to get a positive outcome, and there are ways that you can behave that will only make the situation worse. Make sure to remember the golden rule when dealing with each person along the way; treat them how you'd like to be treated, even if they make mistakes.

  1. Look at the situation objectively. While you don't want to be taken advantage of by a business such as a hotel, you want to first see if the problem could have been an honest mistake by someone who works at the hotel. If the problem was created by a worker at the hotel, go to him first to see if he will correct the situation. He likely will, and it will be appreciated that you didn't just go straight to the manager creating a fuss for no reason.
  2. Next, go to the manager. When it comes to a problem that involves the hotel itself, your room or your rates, most lower level employees will have no control over the situation. They won't be able to correct the dilemma or offer you compensation. Don't waste your time venting your frustration on an employee that's innocent in the situation. Instead, simply politely ask for the manager.
  3. Speak politely to the manager, clearly explaining the problem and the solution that you would like to see happen. If a manager does not know what you want done to remedy the situation, he may start offering you possible solutions that you'd ultimately be unhappy with, yet not realize this right away. By making sure to clearly state what's wrong and what you want fixed, you have a goal to meet. Many managers appreciate this clear instruction as well. If it's not too outrageous, most will concede to the needs of remedying the problem.
  4. Ask for a regional manager if it's a hotel chain, or ask to speak to the owner. If the manager of the hotel is not politely or responsibly dealing with you, you are not simply out of luck. There are other courses of action that you may take. Go higher in the company, being polite to all along the way. Go as high as it takes to get someone to listen to your problem and correct it.
  5. Document the dates, times and names of hotel employees that relate to the incident and the seeking a solution. Put the problem in writing, as well as documenting the steps you have already taken to try to fix the problem. Since that is extra hassle and bother, who ultimately works to fix the situation will also take that into account. The more detailed you are, the better. If you have direct names, that makes your case all that much stronger. Submit the letter in writing to the manager or owner of the hotel; if it's still not handled go to the regional and national managers of the hotel chains or the overall owner of the hotel.
  6. If no action is taken despite confirmed receipt of your detailed complaint, you may even consider taking a hotel to small claims court, depending on the incident. Also, you may leave reviews at consumer and travel websites all over the Internet. If you mention that you also aim to prevent other customers from receiving such subpar treatment, the hotel may be all the more likely to helping you and resolving your problem in the first place.
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