How To Compliment A Girl

You'd think that knowing how to compliment a girl would come easy. If she's pretty, tell her she's pretty, right? But what if everybody she meets tells her how pretty she is (or how nice her hair is or how blue her eyes are?)? After a while, she's going to be tired of hearing the same thing from people, no matter if it's true or not. That's why you've got to find a way to compliment her that stands out from the crowd, something that will make her take a second look at you. When it comes to women, it's not as much about you as it is how good you make them feel. Knowing how to compliment a girl is a great way to make her feel great.

  1. Compliment her on something besides her looks. Girls expect guys to compliment their looks because it's an easy road to take. That also makes it easy for her to assume you aren't sincere. One way to get around it is to compliment her on her appearance that day, rather than her looks in general. Keep it truthful, too. If she's done her hair differently, tell her you like it that way. Or mention that her outfit brings out the color of her eyes. Focusing on something that she's done to improve her appearance is more of a compliment than just saying she looks pretty. The best kind of compliments, though, are those that show you've really noticed her. For example, If you work together, compliments like, "That was a great idea you had in the meeting," or "You really handled that angry customer well" are great because they show that you notice more than the way her butt looks.
  2. Don't be overly enthusiastic. Make sure you smile sincerely and give a simple compliment. Hopefully, she'll accept your compliment in the friendly manner in which it was meant–score for you! It's important that you not go overboard complimenting a girl because you'll come across as creepy. Keep it simple, direct and give a friendly smile.
  3. Pay attention to her response. If she responds with more than just a thank you, listen to her. Look at her as she speaks and pay attention to what she tells you. For example, if you compliment a girl on her new haircut, she may start to tell you where she got it done. Be ready to continue the conversation. On the other hand, if she acts uninterested, don't be offended. Maybe she's really not interested or maybe she has something else on her mind. Either way, don't get flustered. Just bow out of the conversation gracefully with a "Talk to you later," or "See you tomorrow."
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