How To Compress MP3 Files

Knowing how to compress MP3 files is a smart skill to have in your digital arsenal. After all, if you have a set of longer sound files, it can take up a lot of space on your computer. Knowing how to compress an MP3 is a great way to move files from one machine to another on a flash drive. Now lets take a look at the ways that you can compress your MP3 files. This is really easy and you can even get free software to help you do it.

  1. Choose your compression software. You can find some by putting in "Free MP3 compression software" into your favorite search engine. This will give you a wide array of options. Choose one that meets your system requirements and looks like it is easy for you to use. It would be best to check out the listings with Google, and then download your software from a trusted download source.  This will lessen the risk of getting a virus from your new software. 
  2. Open your software. Take some time to get familiar with it, and read your manual or read me file. If you want to then you can read the online tutorials and skip reading the manuals.
  3. Run the software. The exact instructions will vary based on your choice in number one, but it will usually involve an import, a run and the export of the file again. Be sure to save your file once you have compressed, if your MP3 compression software does not do so for you.



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