How To Configure Xbox 360 Controller

You can learn how to configure the Xbox 360 controller to work with your Windows based PC. The Xbox 360 wireless controller can be used to play games on your Windows XP or Vista PC. Sadly at this time there is no confirmation that this process will work for Windows 7, but you are welcome to try.

You will need:

  • Windows based PC running XP or Vista
  • Xbox 360 wireless controller
  1. First things first, make sure there are batteries in your Xbox 360 controller. We want to make sure the controller is up and running before we start the process of configuring the controller to work with your PC. Also make sure the controller is turned on. You do not need your Xbox 360 for any of this.
  2. Go to the start menu and select "Run". Type in "joy.cpl" in the empty box, this will bring up the Game Controllers window. There will be a drop down menu in the Game Controllers window, select XNA Gamepad. Then click on properties in that window, settings, and lastly calibrate.
  3. The Game Calibration Wizard is going to open. When it does, follow the prompts that show up on the screen. This will calibrate the controls on the controller so you will be able to use it on the PC. Once the Calibration Wizard has run its course, click on Apply and test out your controller. Follow the prompts to save the calibration as long as you are happy with it. Now you have successfully calibrated your Xbox 360 controller to work with a Windows based PC.
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